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The Georgia Association for Gifted Children Statement on Anti-Racism

The unjust deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others bear witness to the tragedy of ongoing racial injustice in our state and country.  The Georgia Association for Gifted Children (GAGC) joins the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and organizations across the nation who stand against systemic racism.

The mission of the Georgia Association of Gifted Children is to advocate for gifted children and youth by working with educators, parents, policy makers and the community to meet the needs of the gifted.  GAGC is committed to continuing to combat the issues of implicit bias, exclusion, and lack of understanding that lead to educational disparities which prevent diverse students from realizing their potential.

We are developing action steps to identify and remove barriers to ensure equitable access to challenging educational opportunities for children of color by:

·         Analyzing current identification practices and promoting comprehensive assessment systems to more effectively assess the gifts and talents of under-served children

·         Addressing implicit bias and lack of training in Georgia educators by providing accessible-to-all professional learning opportunities that change the attitudes and practices of Georgia’s teachers and administrators

·         Advocating for programming and delivery models that value inclusion, embrace cultural diversity, and establish talent pathways for under-identified populations

·         Issuing a call for a GAGC coalition to explore attitudes, access, accommodations, and assessment; develop a plan of action; and implement real change

Although Georgia’s law that requires school districts to identify children’s strengths through multiple criteria made progress in the 1990’s to increase identification of gifted children from diverse populations, there is much work that must be done. GAGC pledges to build on this legacy with an intentional commitment to establish Georgia as a state where the potential of every child can be realized.

The GAGC Coalition for Access and Equity will begin meeting after Labor Day. If you are able to make a focused time commitment to work with the GAGC Coalition to implement these action items, please reach out to Coalition Co-Chairs Meg Hines or Teresa Reddish

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