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Free Event: 2021 Torrance Festival of Ideas

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 3:50 PM | Kathy Kennedy (Administrator)

Join us for this opportunity to connect with creative and imaginative experts as they share innovative ideas. . .

The 2021 Torrance Festival of Ideas will take place over April 23-25, 2021.  The Festival features 21 speakers from across the globe who explore themes relevant to creativity, imagination, art, music, humor, empathy, consciousness, wellbeing, mindfulness, childhood, aging, education, equality, data, identity, healing, health, crisis, curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurship, authenticity, political resistance, and sociocultural change. The spirit of Athens will also be showcased, with spotlights on local non-profit organizations that serve the community in creative and crucial ways. REGISTRATION for this event is free and is limited to the first 1,000 attendees:

For more information or questions, contact:

Anna Abraham, Ph.D. 
E. Paul Torrance Professor, Department of Educational Psychology
Director, Torrance Center for Creativity & Talent Development


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