GAGC Regional Representatives Co-Chairs:

Emily Wilson -  

Trina Robinson -

Region News:

  Cass Robinson, GAGC Regional Representative for the Northeast Georgia RESA, is hosting a Gifted
 on September 11th at the NE GA RESA in Winterville,
  event will begin at 3:00 p.m. with a presentation the first hour on serving under-represented populations led
  by Meg Hines, Ph.D, 
GCT Online Learning Coordinator and GCE Program Coordinator, Department of
Psychology at the University of Georgia; GAGC University Liaison
. The remaining time will be an
  open discussion of where gifted education is now that school choice is enacted to a greater extent in Georgia.

For more information, contact Cass by email,


GAGC Regional Representatives are members of the Executive Council and serve as liaisons between local school districts and GAGC.  Regional Representatives provide information to GAGC regarding specific needs of their region related to gifted education and assistance to parents and teachers in their regions.  In addition, they work with the local Regional Education Services Agencies(RESAs) to help provide region-specific training and networking opportunities for teachers in their areas.

The map below indicates the regions served by each RESA in Georgia. If you would like to contact a GAGC Regional Representative in your area, click on the email address of the representative for your region.

For more information regarding a specific region, the Georgia Department of Education above provides a detailed listing of counties, cities, and school systems served by each RESA ..... GADOE- RESA Map & Directory


GAGC Region Map1 - Northwest Georgia RESA
Allison Espy -
April Cummings -

2 - North Georgia RESA
Angie Green

3 - Pioneer RESA

Shari Quintero -

4 - Metro (Atlanta) RESA
Teresa Reddish -
Robins Kilgore-Kelly
Molly Beaty -

5 - Northeast Georgia RESA
Katherine Brown-
Suzanne Korngold -
Cass Robinson -

6 - West Georgia RESA
Penny Reddick -

7 - Griffin RESA
Becky Ryckeley
Bridget Taylor -

8 - Middle Georgia RESA
Mary Jean Banter -
Jan Jacobsen -
Eleta Andrews -

9 - Oconee RESA
Carol Goings

10 - Central Savannah RESA
Khrista Kent Henry
Traci Wasden

11 - Chattahoochee-Flint RESA
Angie Brunson -

12 - Heart of Georgia RESA
Gini Thompson -

13 - First District RESA
Julie Howard -
Becky Ryckeley -

14 - Southwest Georgia RESA
Renee Smith -
Vince Frosteg -

15 - Coastal Plains RESA
Donna Marshall -

Kathy Jones -

16 - Okefenokee RESA
Leslie Giraldo -

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